Reebok was looking for a new agency and a new direction, with a focus on the growing culture of extreme fitness. BE MORE HUMAN was our answer. We wrote the tagline and created the launch campaign that brought it life. The campaign was highlighted by our ode to all “fitness freaks” that aired on Super Bowl XLIX. We also learned a lot about what it takes to push your body to it’s limits. And we decided that we’d rather stick to advertising.

  • Matt Miller - Wall Climb in situ
  • Matt Miller - Fire Jump in Situ
  • Matt Miller - reebok v2
  • Matt Miller - reebok v4
  • Matt Miller - reebok v5
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Print_4_v2
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Print_BusShelter
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_IG_Phones
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_Crossfit
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_SpartinHill
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_RunningCity
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_Yoga
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_RunningDistance
  • Matt Miller - Reebok_Photography_Dancing

Be More Human // Campaign Launch

CD:  Eric Boyd
CD:  Erich Pfeifer
Writer:  Matt Keats 
Art Director:  Matt MIller 
Design Director: Cris Logan
Director:  AG Rojas
DP:  Roman Vasyanov
Photographer: Ture Lillegraven